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Identity is a symposium presented by the Student Studio Council of Cranbrook Academy of Art and will take place on January 28th and 29th , 2011 on the Art Academy Campus. The symposium will present and discuss perspectives on identity from the viewpoints of, but not limited to: psychology, economics, environmental studies, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, art, and art history.

We invite all MA, MS, MFA, M.Arch and Ph.D students, graduates, and others to submit proposals on the subject of Identity as it relates to contemporary society and your work. To be considered for inclusion please submit: a 200 word abstract of what you will address (or present) and a CV including your name, telephone number and email address.



The subject of identity has grown out of recent interest from the students of Cranbrook Academy of Art.  We see identity as a subject in much of our work, regardless of discipline.  This symposium is designed to create a broad discussion from many points of view – both inside and outside the art world.

Each participant will give a 10-15 minute presentation about his or her work, then take part in a discussion.  We expect 2-3 discussion panels, with the aim of bringing together thinkers from disparate backgrounds to discuss contemporary ideas of identity with the student body.  The symposium will also allow for informal time for conversation and exchange. Each speaker will receive an honorarium, accommodations in one of Cranbrook’s guest rooms or close by, and dinner with the students and other presenting speakers.

We would like to hear from individuals interested in considering the role of Identity from, but not limited to,  these perspectives:

  • ECONOMICS- how globalization and technology influence identity
  • PSYCHOLOGY- subjective vs. objective identity thought, PTSD or other Service related topics, environmental psychology
  • SOCIOLOGY- social networking, contemporary gender roles, nomadic lifestyles
  • ANTHROPOLOGY- past and present
  • ARCHEOLOGY- how do objects from the past inform who we are today
  • POLITICS- healthcare, foreign policy, national identity
  • ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES- green movement
  • PHILOSOPHY- philosophy of time

Cranbrook Academy of Art is a private graduate school of architecture, art and design.  We are 163 M.F.A. and Masters of Architecture candidates. The academy has an exceptional Critical Studies program, which exposes its students to a variety of topics through lectures and seminars with visiting artists and critics. The student body is building on this program to explore these ideas further from new vantage points by inviting scholars from outside the immediate “art world”.  We hope you’ll share your ideas with us.

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About contemporaryconnections

A Cranbrook Academy of Art project.
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